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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Status Quo

I have been avoiding updating, because I keep waiting until I can upload the pictures from Buenos Aires, but folks, this process is turning out to be longer than I anticipated. I promise sometime this decade, I will put some pictures up. Excuse the delay. I have been busy doing the following tasks:

Thank You Notes.
I had NO IDEA so many people would give gifts. We are luckiest peoples.

Baking Like Crazies.
All these new fun tools in the kitchen, I have been inspired by the Christmas season [read: trying desperately to get myself in the holiday mood when its 82 degrees out] to try some baking. Janet was my victim. We have tried dinner rolls (ehh?), Christmas cookies (blech) and cinnamon rolls (yum!). I am still tweaking skills, but hopefully I will be good at something, eventually. I have this fantasy of having one item that I can make AWESOME in the kitchen. Still waiting on this...

Puppy Applications.
Sometime in the next year, we would like to adopt a puppy. Turns out this is an applying process, much like my next item du jour....

Grad School Applications.
Andrew is studying for the GMAT, and hopefully, if all the stars align, my hair gets just the right amount of curl, and the dough rises to the perfect poufiness, we will be starting MBA programs next fall. Let's hope we make those deadlines.

Dealing With The Bank.
Someone stole my debit card number and went on a spending spree last Friday night, which is just GREAT, considering I have procrastinated buying gifts for the holidays, and now we are significantly poorer than the normal level of financial irresponsibility. Lesson Learned: Never use a debit card, EVER. Ok, except to pulse cash.

Ignoring My Laundry and The Messy Guest Room.
They taunt me. I can hear them wispering my name, and then something muffled about loss of sanity.

Contemplating Name Changing Processes.
When exactly am I supposed to do that? I was told it could mess up taxes if I do it to close to filing time. So I said, alright, next year. But then does that cause problems with the grad school applications? What name do I use? I don't know what I'm supposed to sign or answer to anymore. Very conflicting.


Ethan said...

Sarah had the most trouble getting her name changed on her airline mileage accounts. So, don't plan on being able to use your airline miles anytime soon.

Forget taxes and government IDs. It's only official when you change your e-mail address.

Bryn said...

I had no problem changing my name at all. You just have to take the time to call all the companies (banks, etc) to see what documentation, if any, they need.

Tabatha said...

Ehh..changing the name is such a P.I.T.A. I think I waited until our 1st anniversary and presented my new driver's license/social security card to Miller as the anniversary present ( was paper, right?)

Hope your holiday season is going well!!

Tab :)