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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

dial Hoover, the fun vacuum is in town

This weekend was relatively tame, my major accomplishment being I finished every last thank you note from the wedding, in just under 3 months. What a relief.

I attacked the guestroom. Since pretty much a month before the wedding, this has been the room that I dared not enter. Before November, it was the Wedding Supply Storage Facility, and was declared unusable for any other purpose, don't even think about actually SLEEPING in there. So this weekend, I was sick of avoiding it, and tired of my own laziness that was preventing the housekeeper from cleaning in there. Andrew and I shoved the door open (you couldn't really open the door to walk in) and started making piles. Hours later, the pile for goodwill/garage sale/resale shops was so large, that it has it's own identity with in the house. Meet our newest roommate, he's a little messy, his name is Archibald. Until Archibald is evicted, the room is barely usable, but not pretty, and I really hope to make some progress in this room this spring. Look at me with spring cleaning goals! In February!

Sunday night, after a boring-until-the-last-35-seconds Superbowl game, we went to see the Angels & Airwaves concert. Andrew is a fan, I like some of their music, and I definitely have fond memories of Blink 182, so Andrew got tickets a few months back. This was definitely a new feeling for me - watching 15 year olds crowd-surf down below us. I remember the days when moshing and all that entails, seemed like the concert norm. We were sitting in the seats above, watching the sweaty teenagers writhe below us. The part where a young girl would get thrown on top of the crowd, only to get dropped head first on the ground repeatedly when some unsuspecting moshers weren't clued in to the approaching human canopy behind them, would literally make me jump and cringe in pain. It was like watching a horror movie for me. I can't do it without screaming WHAT ARE YOU DOING, THE KILLER IS RIGHT BEHIND THAT DOOR. Why?!? Maybe I have not experienced the full gamet of musical euphoria, because nothing has ever made me want to throw my body over strangers, trusting they will carry me and not grope my swimsuit places. So, for the first time, as a concert-goer, I was unable to relate to teenagers, and that made me feel, well.... not young.


Stephanie said...

welcome to my world! Just wait until you start glaring at teenagers and thinking "are you old enough to be driving?"

Sarita Bonita said...

wow - it's been too long since i've checked out your blog. i love the way you have updated it!