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Thursday, March 27, 2008

seeing is believing

Easter was pretty uneventful. By uneventful, I mean it was the usual multi-family gorge-fest it always is. There was much churching, and egging (well not throwing, but dyeing), and status update conversation with the familial types. Was there a full moon or something last week?There were a lot of births in our midst - my cousin in Canada had a baby boy, Andrew's cousin had a baby boy, and Andrew's friend from college had a little girl.

I played Guitar Hero for the first time. Wow. So having any sort of musical inclination at all does not help you one iota in that game. As far as hand-eye coordination, mine is developed like that of a wee toddler, and it was evident when I got boo'ed off the stage playing Rage Against the Machine on the Easy level. I can't roll y'all.

I received notice this week that I will have an interview for grad school in response to my application. So at least that means they didn't cry with laughter when they read over my incredibly dry essays. Or maybe they did, and they just want to see in person, that there is some one who can really write THAT BADLY - it is otherwise, not to be believed. Ye of little faith. I asked Janet to proof my draft before I turned it in (in a rush, two days before the deadline, per usual) and her comments were along the line of "add more personality, you can tell you've been doing engineering for the past 5 years." It's hard to spice up what I do professionally, but it would help if I had literary inclination (I almost typed "literally inclined," wait no that can't be right, and then that just kind of proves my point here).

In some silly news, our wedding is being published in a magazine next month, which kind of makes me laugh/throw up in my mouth a little. I will let you know when I see it with mine own two eyes. It is kind of ridiculous when you think about it, to be excited about something like that, but that won't stop me from going out and buying 5 copies, to embarrass my children with 30 years from now. That alone will be worth the cost, I am certain. Also, our photographer went to a photographer's convention in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago and entered a photo he did from our wedding in a print competition and it won. More giggling from my side, especially since our photo is so tame in comparison to his other awarded photos. Apparently he had a string of weddings there that could be placed on the cover of harlequin romance novels, starring our favorite Fabio characters. I can't help but think of phrases like "throbbing loins" when I look at them. Just you try, and get back to me on how that works out for you.

And speaking of loins...

Andrew's father bought us an entire tenderloin of Fillet Mignon's last week at a butcher, and we couldn't pass up the chance to use our prop for prime dramatic opportunity. I'd say Kasia sold that stump pretty well. Theater major - two semesters.


BryNate said...

That is so awesome!! And I love the pic of y'all in the elevator. Isn't it everyone's fantasy to...

Janet said...

1) Whatever you do, don't spend $30 on WinH, let me pawn some of my copies off on you instead:)
2) YOU ALREADY FOUND OUT!?!?!? Am I am bad friend? I thought you were finding out today....when can we really catch up? I miss Marysia.
3) I saw Joe yesterday and he was really excited about ya'll pics.

Anonymous said...

I have only gotten an interview! NOT been notified of acceptance. That (if it) happens AFTER the interview :)

And I will pawn copies away if you'll let me!

Ethan said...

Wow. I can't believe you ate Kasia's leg.

So where's the interview? Or is that top secret? I'd offer to send research bios on any names I recognize in the marketing dept, but I'm guessing you probably won't meet faculty, just admissions peeps.

The best questions you can ask are about facilities and career opportunities. You'll definitely want to get more information on how on campus recruiting works. What companies recruit? For what types of jobs? What salary and placement data are available? The reason you're going to grad school after all is to get a new (and high paying) job.

You might also ask about things like a trading room (assuming they have one and you're interested in finance), access to a Bloomberg terminal (also finance), annual case competitions (all areas), and any ventures that have emerged from the MBA program (entrepreneurship/management). Basically if you take the approach that you're interviewing them (which you are) things should go great.