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Friday, June 06, 2008

The Immaculate Hickey

This morning, I woke up to get ready for work, trudged to the sink to brush my teeth, all bleary-eyed in glasses, and I look in the mirror. I am not saying I'm a Vision first thing awake, but I literally screamed. I had two marks, on the right side of my neck, which closely resembled our favorite junior high trophy - the hickey.


Andrew and I swear up and down we don't know the origins of these marks. AHEM. I do not know how or where they came from. And if I did in fact think that they came from the land of Hickeyville, trust me when I say I would not be writing about this publicly. Color me Tacky. I have no clue what the marks are, or where they came from. I already said that, I know, I'm reiterating for emphasis. Maybe it's my allergy to nickel? An earring rubbed me the wrong way? (ha. ha. no pun intended)

Either way, this experience is only enhanced by the fact that today I had a luncheon for work with various local celebrity types at the Junior League. Awesome. Where I had to pose for photos with people who received awards. I was desperately saved by the fact that I happen to like wearing scarves, so it doesn't seem uncommon for me to have one wrapped around my neck. In June.

Photog, my left side is my better side.

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