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Monday, June 02, 2008

PSB Update: A Wee Bit Vile

On break during seminar:

Me: Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself, I was one of your students about 7 years ago.
PSB: Hi, in 329? [this is a course number]
Me: Yes.
PSB: I would be lying if I said I remembered you.

And for some reason, with a bunch of professional men standing in the vicinity, it didn't seem appropriate to say "BUT I MADE YOU CUPCAKES YOU JERK" like I wanted.

Me and my baking skills are totally forgettable.

I'm over it. I promise. I am releasing the grudge.

And for the record, Gemsong was an accomplice in the cupcaking, so she is well acquainted with the douchery and equally as guilty of butt-kissing.

That's right G, I'm calling you out.

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Anonymous said...

But it was your idea! What an a-hole though. Seriously.