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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Almost Done. Until We Start Over.

I am almost all the way through pre-term for school (one. more. presentation!) and couldn't be happier to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Which is kind of ironic considering official class doesn't START until Monday. It has been so whirlwind, I feel like I've been in school for ages already. Long enough for me to be annoyed by people and then cycle through to the other side and be fine with them. And vice versa. When you work so closely for 12-16 hours a day, it's intense. Which sounds dumb really. But you have to learn to like each other pretty quickly. At first impression, I was a bit daunted because I hadn't already hung out with anyone in my group in all my introductions and chatting. We are to do all projects together in every class for the entire semester. We are all very different (which was their point in assigning it I suppose), but over the past week, I feel like we've very much bonded and found some common ground along the way. We can crack each other up which is a good feeling. There is hope!

There are days, in sitting in class for 8 straight hours, that I feel like there is no way my brain can absorb any more information. My brain literally hurts. Focusing for that long is one of the most exhausting feats. And I love it, even though it makes me tired. I see Andrew sparsely, which is the down side, so I look forward to a more normal schedule during term where we can have a meal together here and there. Or WOW! Even see my friends outside the school-space.

In the spirit of new beginnings, fresh starts and experiences, I made the impulse decision to chop the hair. I cut 10 inches off - 10 inches that have been with me for about 10 years - and donated it to Locks of Love. My hairdresser almost didn't want to do it because it was impulse, and she was afraid I would be sad afterwards. Much to my own surprise, I haven't missed the long hair once yet. I think it helps to have donated it, because it is hard to regret when it's doing some good. Behold:

It's different, but I'm getting used to it. Kinda like school.


Tabatha said...

I'm glad to hear that you're "adjusting" to your school schedule. I'm sorry your brain hurts...but think how smart you're going to be now!! =)

P.S. - I'm lovin' the new hair do :)

Ethan said...

Looking sharp Norris. The advice I give my students for group work is to set assignments/homework for each person to finish before every meeting (e.g. everyone bring 5 topic ideas, summarize 3 articles, etc).

That way you only have to meet for 30-60 min to check in and make decisions rather than sitting around for 2 hrs debating what to do and ultimately getting nothing done.

But if I were at Rice, I'd definitely want to be in your group because I have a feeling there will be lots of cupcakes. Have your group members realized this yet?

SleeplessInSeattle said...

I really like the new do and proud of you for donating it!!

Don't let school get you down!! You can do it :)

Anonymous said...

it is awesome, and ethan - it only took me 2 days to figure out your more efficient method. it was a life saver.

today, i took shots with my accounting prof. fabulous.