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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Let's call it a stressful sabatical

Today is my last day in the working world for a while, because Monday, I begin life as a full-time grad student.

Commence Panic Attack Here.

Overall, I am excited, a bit anxious (still! haven't! finished! homework!) and mostly in disbelief. It hasn't really sunk in that today is the last time, I will look out the window of my 11th floor office (I actually attained a window office, who knows when/if that will ever happen again) at the east Houston skyline. It is the last time I will walk across the parking lot to my car, admiring the downtown skyline near dusk, with the fiery orange and pink sky. This morning was the last time I picked up breakfast tacos at Villa Arcos for the remaining faithful taco club members.

I am more sentimental about this than I anticipated I would be.

There have people here who have made me sane, even made me enjoy myself, when work made me want to slit my wrists with mylars. Some I know I will keep in contact with, others I know it'll be a final good bye. It's bittersweet.

It's been real, it's been fun, and it hasn't always been real fun, but I'm thankful for the experience and the people.


Anonymous said...

Monday will bring a completely new experience, along with a myriad of new people that will make you grow in ways you haven’t before. I look forward to being an observer in this process and am excited to see you take on this life challenge. Your inspirational to me and many "Rock MY face off!"

Love you!


Tabatha said...

You are totally going to rock the casbaugh when it comes to school on Monday. Enjoy your few days off!!!


SleeplessInSeattle said...

This post totally gave me the chills...I'm so proud of you for doing this :)