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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

32 Hours to Freedom.

I start midterms in 20 minutes. YIKES!
Do you want to know how much college has changed (for me anyways)? Exams are OPEN LAPTOP nowadays.

So everyone is sitting around me doing one of two things - frantically checking notes with classmates in a panic of "did you get that comment he made in lecture 6? OH GOD I NEED THAT COMMENT HE MADE IN LECTURE 6!"


They are looking at each other saying, if I didn't learn it by now, it's not going to happen. And who's going to look at our grades anyways?

Here come the tests! See you in 32.


Ethan said...

Do they make you use lock-down software for the open laptop exams or do you have unlimited access to notes, internet, e-mail, instant messenger, etc.?

Good luck! Kick some classmate ass.

Anonymous said...

we don't use lockdown software - however, we are on honor code not to use email and IM, etc. no contact basically. and i think most of us have been scared stiff into following the honor code. pansies.

here i come accounting!

Anonymous said...

You can Dooit!

Tabatha said...

Good luck. Rock it!!