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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Everyone should have a fall break

I have spent the past five days doing a whole lot of sleeping. Naps are my new best friend. I had no idea school was so exhausting. OK, that's a lie, I did. However, when given the opportunity to capitalize on nap time, I did not realize I would abuse it this much.

October is one of two months I enjoy living in Houston. The weather is a tad bit cooler, but still smells of Indian summer. I love the summer - it is by far my favorite season, so the relief from humidity with residual heat doesn't bother me one bit. I revel in it really. Also, the bonus of festival season! Even though the Greek Festival has been postponed to November this year, I can almost smell the spanokopita and loukamades from here...

Thanks to everyone who inquired about my midterms. They went fine overall I think, I'm still waiting on a few grades. I was relatively confident in my performance, although I walked out of my last final a bit disturbed, because for some reason the FIRST QUESTION on the whole test (should be a gimme) was giving me grief. The answer I was calculating didn't seem reasonable no matter how many times I tried it. I finally gave up and wrote a note saying the answer seems to be a bit higher than is reasonable. Of course, ten minutes later, the lights in my brain go on after driving away from campus, I whip out my calculator at the traffic light, and damn it, I figured out the mistake I made right there. Minor curses commenced. Afterwards, there was a direct beeline from our Finance final to the bars to drown our mushy brains further into oblivion. Everyone proceeded to get a wee bit "celebratory", which is always good times. Andrew had a heart-to-heart with my Accounting prof, something to the tune of Andrew requesting a periodic progress report of my grades and PTA meetings, and me wanting to punch him.


SleeplessInSeattle said...

Glad finals went well. Looking for to details from NYC!!

Janet said...

Yeah it's a normal picture of you and me! :)