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Saturday, June 06, 2009

I typed this whole entry with one hand

So how was your week? Mine was good, had a baby, the usual.

Yes , we finally had a wee wittle one. Meet The Lilly Monster:

She likes sleeping, feeding at the trough of Mama, and crapping her pants. She is our little Super Pooper. There are numerous nicknames for her: Lilly, Lilka, Lusia, Lilly Monster, Super Pooper, and after the first nights adjustment she became the Demon Baby for about 6 hours. I want to write an entry about my birthing experience, before those crazy hormones kick in that make you forget everything, but that will have to be next week.

And Amy, the photo blog doesn't replace this one, just for the record. :) Where else would I spew my verbal diarrhea?

I'm afraid we're going to become those people who have candid conversations about poop. Also, afraid that the photo blog may become a homage to the Wee One for the next several weeks. She's a lot more photo friendly than her two haggard parents right now. Please excuse the complete loss of sanity, we will return to whatever "real life" is soon, I promise.


aznevon said...

what a cutie...congrats marysia and andrew!!

SleeplessInSeattle said...

Haha...I still keep up with both blogs. I'll just have to post all my comments here :)