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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

If you can't cut it as a baby, you can't do it for Playboy: Mama's Rules.

One of my friends, Holly Anne, is a baby/family photographer and asked me to have Lilly be a baby model for a hospital display she was doing. I happily obliged, and Janet was nice enough to drive this still drugged-up Mama and Monster to her studio. Working with newborns is not easy, but some how we managed to get through an hour of photos and three different props/poses. Granted, as soon as she said, "Ok, now we're going to put her on her stomach, naked in a fetal position" I knew it was over. None of those criteria ever fly with Lilly: Fetal? As if, she didn't even come out of the womb that way, Stomach? You can't see everything from that position, and Naked? Yeah right, not Miss Modesty, she covers up for a diaper change. So she proceeded to pee all over her Mama between shots. That's when I knew we were done for the day. Note to Self: Bring extra set of clothing for YOURSELF as well as child.

We got a sneak peek photo today, the hat (from cracks me up:


Tabatha said...

She's so adorable!!!!

K-train said...

Ja nie moge,.... :)