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Monday, November 16, 2009

30 Years, 30 Gifts

I got the idea from Mighty Girl a while back to give Andrew 30 individual gifts for his 30th birthday. They didn't have to be big gifts, and the thought of watching Andrew open them all made me a little giddy, so back in March, I started buying things as they went on sale, or I got a coupon, etc.

I have to say, there was a lot of sale-staulking online, because paramount to this was making sure that I could some how do this on my own, on my negative income, without him detecting it on the credit card bill. I was all kinds of crafty and resourceful. Insert my smile of satisfaction here.

He was surprised, and even though it took me hours to wrap them all (and several painful paper cuts), I am very happy I did it. The Final List went like so:

1. Meat marinating bucket with seasonings
2. Talisker 175th Year Limited Edition Scotch
3. Anthony's shaving gel
4. Golf bag and golf date coupon
5. 100 Grand candy bars
6. Necktie from Nordstrom's
7. itunes gift card
8. Frame with photo of us in it
9. The Avett Brothers "I and Love and You" album
10. Coupon to Sleep In for a Weekend with the house at 68 degrees (brrrr!)
11. Video of Lilly wishing him Happy Birthday
12. Barnes & Noble gift card with coupon for afternoon off to read
13. A secret gift.
14. Olive Wood Spoon
15. Olive Wood Paddle
16. Olive Wood Slotted Spoon
17. Necktie from Nordstrom's
18. Tree T-shirt
19. Angelika Gift Card and movie date coupon
20. Travel Coffee Mug with Lilly on it (Thank you Zazzle!)
21. Dark Chocolate assortment
22. Underwear
23. All-Clad Kitchen Spoons
24. Anthony face moisturizer
25. Dress shirt with french cuffs from Banana Republic
26. Gift Card for Central Market Cooking Class
27. Antique Desk Globe
28. Dress Socks
29. 10" All Clad Non-Stick Fry Pan
30. 30 Reasons I Love Him, written in a mini Moleskin


Janet said...


Anonymous said...

One of the best B-days I have ever had.


Tabatha said...

That is so sweet. Is number 13 a naught secret gift? :)

Happy (belated) birthday, Andrew!!

SleeplessInSeattle said...

You are sooo cute!! Happy Birthday Andrew! AGAIN :)

blue blue blue said...

wow, i wish I had married you...

happy bday andrew!!!

Hampers said...

Just gone through your gift list and found it to be great. Wish if I could have these gifts. Keep up the good work.