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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Mother Load

I have felt completely disconnected, unplugged, removed, whatever your preferred adjective is, for a good while now, and today is the day I repent! Or tomorrow is! You tell me!

Five things that Lilly has done lately that shock me every day:

1) Top two teeth came in. (The biting is ridiculous, and sped up the post-six-month weaning process.)
2) Pull herself up by the side of the crib. (Yikes!)
3) Army crawl (belly on ground).
4) Laugh at other babies (apparently Alexa is one comedic 10 month old).
5) Shake her head "no" (although she doesn't know what it means yet).

Five things that have happened lately BESIDES school madness:

1) Met Pioneer Woman at her cookbook signing.
2) Went to 4 Christmas parties in one weekend (and drank at every one, it was rough).
3) No Christmas shopping what so ever.
4) Bought a live Christmas tree!
5) Did not put away my laundry for atleast 2 weeks, so there is Mount Laundry, living in my bedroom, which I have to hike up every morning to find something to throw on.

As you can see, my automatic response to the end of school, is to create a To Do list. Hurray! At least this one is fun and doesn't involve anything with derivative markets or tax legislation.

Photos to come. I have so much to do on that end that I'm antsy with anticipation.

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Liz said...

I seem to remember that last time you had a pile of laundry it even had a ned? You crack me up. I can't wait to see pictures of your toothy, semi mobile girl.