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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reality Who?

I feel completely disconnected from reality, and I am slowly trudging my way out of academia, back to places where people! exist!

Please excuse my lack of attention, I promise to come play regularly starting on Thursday. Wait for it, there will be many updates and photos that are just ITCHING to get downloaded.

Hello Holiday season, I have almost completely missed you.

I miss le blog. I also miss my friends, and my family. And working out. And the outdoors. My bum is square and my eyes are glazed.

Oh, that reminds me, the world needs more honey-glazed hams. YUM.

See you on the flip side, I shouldn't be allowed to type in this state.

This photo was sent to me a month ago from Andrew's Aunt Robin, that is how behind I am.

1 comment:

Tabatha said...

aww...I miss your blogging, too!! Love the picture - your dad is looking well!!! xoxo