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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring will spring soon, I just know it

Exciting things are to come! ... Once I finish finals next week. Those pesky exams really seem to be a hindrance. Note to self: next term (LAST term!), no classes which have exams. It's not worth the stress.

Two weeks of spring break starts on February 27th. Yes, that is early, I don't know why Rice does it that early but they do and I'm not complaining because it's TWO WEEKS. That was like my total PTO for the year when I was working. During the break, I am going to the Velocity Conference at UC Berkeley, which I'm pretty stoked about - all about learning from the experts on how to start a business. Academics be damned, I need some applicable experience here.
And we visit Google, which really, I just want to see the cafeteria, who am I kidding.

Then it's off to Austin for the annual SXSW which will be my third time, so I'm feeling spoiled and like an expert [obviously I am hallucinating, too much chlorine water this morning] at navigating by now. My goal is to go to more panels this time, and to meet more people in different industries. Yes, I have goals for festivals. Why not? I'm feeling optimistic because the sun is out, and it's not horrible gloomy. Huge Bonus: I get to see my sister and friends. Even if my sister is working, it'll be the most I've seen her in a long time. High Five. Self High Five.

I coordinated a school conference last week, and having that weight off me has made me drunk on the freedom. It went well, even if the caterer gave me several heart attacks over the course of two days. Bummer was that I lost my phone during the break down, and spent the next two phoneless days realizing how addicted I am to a smart phone. How did I ever NOT check traffic while driving?
Sadnesss. My Samsung Blackjack lasted me 3 years, and he was good to me. RIP.

By Sunday evening, I couldn't even function properly anymore, the sad state of my life, so Andrew and I hauled The Wee One to the AT&T store (where she charmed all the sales people and tried to eat all the displays) and we sprang for two iPhones. I fought it, but in the end, I have weak resolve, and was charmed by the user-friendly interface. Plus, now I can take cute photos like this:

And this:

Sunday being Valentine's Day, we decided those would be our "gifts" to each other (even though Andrew bought me a really nice sapphire necklace from Emily Armenta at a silent auction, which I will have to justify by wearing for everyday for the rest of my life for ever and ever Amen), and that night, we went to bed, both of us sitting maybe 3 feet apart, and played with our matching phones. And texted each other while we sat there next to each other.

Tell me that isn't the saddest thing you have ever heard. Just tell me.

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Tabatha said...

Welcome to iPhone-dom. Download Words with Friends. It will make the phone even more irresistible than it already is.