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Monday, March 01, 2010

My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

One more final exam to crank out, and I will be free to enjoy my spring break and all the things that leisure time provides! Like Le Blogging, and Le Photoing. I will update tomorrow afternoon, and be a much happier person then too. Provided my nose decides to allow me to breathe, and I can put out the blazing fire that is my throat right now.

Just call me Dragon Breath.


The Wee One turns 9 months today, and somehow, making it 75% of the way around the sun seems monumental to me. I mean, we kept her alive! for NINE WHOLE MONTHS. That's equal time spent inside and outside the womb here, People. Accomplishments abound. And if she stops trying to test us by tampering with the electrical outlets on a daily basis, she might even make it to her first birthday.

Which, I never understood the exuberant celebration of a birthday where the kid doesn't even comprehend what's going on, but now I see that really? It's for the parents. Because they made it all the way around the sun alive.

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Tabatha said...

9 months!! Squee!!

Good luck on your final tomorrow!!