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Friday, April 02, 2010


I forgot to mention I pulled one of the dumbest stunts I have ever pulled in my life one morning while in California in March. I didn't check the drain before starting the shower (to warm up the bathroom before I got in), walking away, and preceding to get into very long telephone conversations with my husband, and then my sister. And at some point, God knows how long after starting the water, I feel like I'm being wasteful, and while listening to my sister, I glance in the direction of the bathroom. HOLY CRAP. There is water pouring, in waves, out of the bathroom onto the carpet. A few ill-timed expletives may have escaped my mouth at that point. I wade into the 3 inches of water pooled around the entire bathroom, and used my ice bucket to scoop it into the sink, and then all of the hotel towels to try to sop up some more. I finally realized how ridiculous it was, called the concierge, and they sent up a crew with a water vacuum. Color me humiliated. But not enough to snap a shot when I got toward the end of Lake Dumbass:

However, on an unrelated note, Andrew taped this on my phone a while back, and it cracks me up:

The moral of this pointless post is that I am a complete moron, but I make funny babies.

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K-train said...

ok, how do i get a copy of this video? please send now.

thank you.