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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Reverse Jinx

I am going to throw this out into the universe, because maybe, JUST MAYBE, if I do, it will do some sort of reverse jinx where because I said it might happen, it won't happen. So here goes...

SICKNESS, you are not welcome, so take a hike.

Since the start of February, Lilly has had the following:

Three ear infections,
One debilitating case of hand-foot-mouth disease, and
One gut-wrenching case of stomach flu.

All this while being continuously congested/runny nose/coughing like she smokes 12 packs a day since November.

I know I've said I'm at the end of my rope, but this time, I am VERY SERIOUS. All you Karma-Gods, please have mercy on me. I will say 100 Hail Mary's, and vigorously repent the time I bribed my sister to take the blame for me throwing the meatballs behind the couch. Really, I should repent to Kasia, because it would take her a lot longer to forgive me for that one.

Lilly slept all night like an angel from 2-4 months. Andrew and I did little our-daughter-is-perfect dances every night. And then she started teething, and it never happened (ok sporadically a couple times) again. Every time we would get a routine down, a plague would befall our house, and all routine would be shot down. So we have not slept, like FOR REAL slept, in a very long time. I would venture to say I have not REALLY slept hard in over a year (pregnancy sleeping = suckage).

Except that one day at SXSW where Mama learned that she doesn't have the same liquor tolerance she used to and went to bed a wee bit earlier than most. And slept like she was dead for 13 hours. Is it wrong to know that inebriated sleep was the absolute most restful sleep I've had since I can remember?

I've learned to deal with no sleep, and I'm ok now. But the sleepless sick nights are a whole other ball game, that break all three of us down to irritable, mindless, tantrum-throwing messes. I can't do it again soon. I just can't.

We put Lilly down tonight with a very minor fever, and I'm just hoping to God it's teething fever and won't irritate her. Because I can't take the heartbreak of watching her feel bad and exhausted like that. So consider this BLAH BLAH BLAH my big fat KNOCK ON WOOD.

And one more thing. If she gets sick in Kindergarten, I will lose it, because the "you're building her immunity now" thing is the only thing that keeps me semi-sane some times.


Kristi English said...

Oh honney, I am saying a prayer for you. Sorry y'all have had such a rough spring, hopefully it gets better and hopefully she is illness free in kindergarten!

Love ya!

Liz said...

M, call me sometime? I cannot make the sickness leave your house, but at least we can swap coping mechanisms.

snowb said...

You made Kasia take the fall?? ahahahaha, luv it. Sending positive vibes and perfect health your way, and for the whole family (Lily- that means YOU kiddo ;) -Jo