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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Un-Solicited Product Endorsement, and More Wistfulness

The Product that is slowly changing our lives... I introduce to you, Nose Frida, The Snotsucker.

If you have a baby, or have a friend who has a baby, or have a brothers-aunts-dogs-cousins-stepmom who has a baby, and they have snot (what baby doesn't), please go get one of these for them. It is a very simple device, and it is making my whole family sleep better. It is way more effective than a nose bulb, and it doesn't irritate their nose like a bulb does. Most of you don't understand how revolutionary the idea of good sleep is, but ohemgee it is a privledge and you should enjoy it every night. And! It helps reduce ear infections caused by congestion! So Hasta Pasta Numero Cinco, you will not happen. (I just totally jinxed myself.)

And this is where I get really gross, so if you have delicate sensibilities, avert your eyes.

There is something very gratifying about seeing the snot be removed from your kid, who doesn't grasp the concept of blowing her nose, and therefore is just a walking snotsicle. Yes, I said it, I like seeing snot come out. I, and the Kiddo, were very sick of me running around after her with a tissue, constantly trying to wipe her nose. Few things are grosser to me than those yellow/green streaks on a kids upper lip. I want to wipe strangers' childrens' noses constantly. So Voila! Twice a day with the Frida, and the girl is snotsicle free! My abuse of exclamation points in this post is amazing!


OK, more sadness. Today we had Appreciation Breakfast for NAWMBA, and it is another reminder that time here is over and life will never be the same, and ofcourse this makes me sad. And excited at the same time, but going through these weeks, we've all been saying, "this is the last time we'll be [insert normal weekly event here] ever again." and then we all get all huggy, and frankly I think some of the guys are getting freaked out that we all keep hugging.

On the job front, I have final round with a biofuel company next week, and I'm hoping it goes well, but I'm cautious as well. In general, I fear being excited about any job at this point, because the disappointment when I get to excited and then get rejected is crushing.

Tomorrow is my last day of class, and since I only took classes with no final exams this term, I am officially DONE at that point. Other than the whole graduation sha-bang. *Tear* I know this is exciting, I'm getting there, promise :)

Exciting things to come... We're doing a trip with our friends and kiddos to Puerto Rico - Yeah Beach Time!

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