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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The End is in Sight. And the Beginning.

Oh yes. It is that time of year. The cheesy holiday family photo season.
I am ashamed to say, I succumbed. Groupon, I curse thee.
A local photographer did a quick session with our family in their studio, which I won't lie, isn't really my style. I'm not a big fan of studio photography - it just isn't really my taste. Somehow, I didn't take the time to think about that before booking the session. And although I am overall happy with the photos, I think from now on I will stick to our style for family photos. Consider it a learning-to-trust-your-gut opportunity.

In other news, I have a random poll question. Actually I have two.

How many people went shopping, physically to a store, on Black Friday?

Also, what percentage of your holiday shopping would you say you do online versus in a store?

Commiserate and stew on those responses please.

I find myself less and less happy with the idea of going to a mall, (funny enough, I found that kind of activity therapeutic at one time) and looking online for ease and sanity. Don't forget the coupon codes! I have taken to finding all kinds of different seller outlets, unique items, and organizations to support that I wouldn't find in a store anyways, and it's made shopping more fulfilling. (Yes, I just wrote that. Shopping = Fulfilling) Meaningful and serving two positive functions in a micro kind of way. Listen to me justifying.

While it isn't Lilly's first Christmas, it is in fact the first one where she kind of gets that something is going on, and that has made the act of preparing exponentially more exciting. Andrew and I spent a whole evening playing Santa online, and as packages have arrived, I'll admit, it's like we get to be excited twice. I can't wait to see her face.

In other Toddler News, I should say that I have come to realize, that she is in fact, 100% toddler, there are no traces of baby left in our child. This child shakes her finger at me and tells me "NO NO NO!" like she's staging a role reversal of authority. She moved to the next class up in school (early I may say!) and in this class most of the kids speak in phrases, eat with utensils and drink out of regular cups. She's catching on so quickly, I think I'm the one slowing her down at this point. There is a Holiday Program next week which she is taking part in, and this baffles me to no end. How do you heard young children? Similar to herding cats? But somehow, they work magic and make it happen. I will report on this brand of holiday crazy upon recovery from the giggles.

Some have been asking, so here is the official report: Our house status as stands (or doesn't stand, yet).

We have made a zillion selections, down to the bathroom hooks and door knobs and God knows what else, and are finally ready to go to the bank. With any luck, we will close on the construction loan the beginning of January, and break ground that same month. Dear God let's hope. We have been stewing on this lot, potential dwelling, potential HOME, for about 10 months, and I'm ready to get the show on the road. So far the relationship with architect, builder and GC has been smooth, and I hope to continue that trend. However, I will say that while I like the group, I have been fighting the Wife Stereotype since the start. That being, that because I am the woman, and as women are wont to do, I will change my mind incessantly. I am sure this is a valid prejudice based on their experience, but MAN, has that brought out the stubborn lion in my personality. Every time we alter a decisions (I say WE very emphatically), I cringe and get hyper-defensive. The good news is that we're doing a lot of work on the front end (hello, CAD drawings of every. tile. layout. in. the. house.), and to me that means we get to walk away (theoretically) from the magazines and play manager from now on. I have zero interest in looking for more options, exhausting EVERY option, I just want to see it done now. I don't care how awesomely cool that house's metallic rainbow sparkle unicorn tile grout is. I'm done. No more nights pouring over the computer looking for options, pricing it out, repricing, redesigning and agonizing over priorities. Finito.

This is another one of those moments I am sure I will laugh at myself about in a few months. The bliss of newbie naivete...

Onward, I want to see sticks!


Bryn said...

She is just too cute!!! And I think your family pictures came out very well.

Janet said...

I got Mom the red Kitchen Aid she's wanted for years!!! Can't wait to give :) And for polling purposes, in-store.

candi said...

to be honset i always go to the store.. just being able to look around for what you want and actually seeing if what your buying is worth the price, is very satisfying... i cant belive i just said dat but there you go, thats how i feel :)

and ur daughter is ADORABLE!! and the pictures came out really nice x

Kristi English said...

Love this post, and you know I was shopping black Friday however I was worn out much faster this year, not sure if its being pregnant or having a little one at home or both. ha