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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Moving to the De-sert, gonna eat a lotta Mexican Food...

I have decided to be part of a project team (at work) that will be moving me to El Paso, Texas for 8 months.

Starting mid-July.

This year.

Because I don't find wedding planning challenging enough. I like the extra hurdles of remote locations, 100-hour work shifts, and a November 1 major deadline (9 days before our wedding) to make me REALLY fiesty and frazzled.

The upside is that Sarah's parents live in El Paso, and if you haven't met them before, you should, at this very moment, because your life will never be the same afterwards.

(Sarah, I should totally get credit for hyperlinking you.)

Sarah runs Sarah's Parties, so if you have small spawn (or large spawn, we don't discriminate), you should meet her too. She will entice them with her fantabulous fiesta skills.

(That second link is like extra credit. The bonus round.)

Major concerns of temporarily moving to El Paso:

- My sanity
- My diet/fitness regime remaining at a good level
- Andrew's sanity (because he'll be crazed with missing me an all)
- Being not sick/tired/rundown come November

And on a good note, this weekend is our annual girl's camping trip! Woohoo!

And on a funny note, this is my sister:


aznevon said...

marysia, you're crazy! i hope you stay sane! but i know you can do it!

SleeplessInSeattle said...

Hey...another plus...El Paso is the birth place of me!!!

Sarah's Parties said...

Definitely thanks for the shout out! It's always appreciated... and Sarah's Parties will travel to Texas for all you people looking for a great party!!

Interesting facts about El Paso -

1. I am from there (bonus points)
2. We do have gyms there
3. We even have running water and electricity
4. You're Spanish will improve there
5. Being in the westernmost tip of Texas, and due to the huge size of the state, El Paso is closer to five other state capitals than it is to its own capital of Austin, Texas.